The A&T Four, photographed by Jack Moebes on February 1, 1960, as they left the F.W. Woolworth store in downtown Greensboro. When, they sat down and requested to be served at the store's segregated white's only lunch counter, a sit-in movement swept across the country like wildfire. Their courageous action helped to reignite the civil rights movement and bring an end to "Jim Crow" traditions. Moebes was staff photographer for the Greensboro Daily News and the Greensboro Record.

Upcoming Events

The International Civil Rights Center & Museum (ICRCM) partners with Faces of Victory, a group of local female minority business owners dedicated to empowering, uplifting, and inspiring women within the Triad community, to host their first annual Victory Empowerment Brunch! This event is a collective expression of our commitment to working with multiple local non-profit organizations, such as Partnership Village, International Resource Center, and several local domestic violence shelters, in an effort to enrich and enhance the perspective of women facing adversity. Keynote speakers, Monique Johnson, international motivational speaker, and Debra Pierce, First Lady of Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Greensboro, is guaranteed to be the perfect fit for the brunch and the mission of Faces of Victory.
Contact Wendy Hunt at (215) 966-9133 for tickets ($35)!

‘Faces of Diversity: Greensboro Project’ will kick off with a weekend of community gatherings to start the dialogue of intentional conversation and pride in our differences. Though the product is a permanent art installation in the Greensboro Cultural Center, the process is unique in that its creation requires community participation at all levels. It will begin with Edwin Gil leading a community conversation in the Center for Visual Artists’ space to help us see how we are all connected and special in our own way, and to leave our print to create a collective masterpiece. The second event will be hosted at the Van Dyke Performance Space with community conversation and live music. The final event will be Community Dance in LeBauer Park underneath Janet Echelman’s aerial sculpture “Where We Met.” The interactive event encourages audience participation to showcase and educate our community on the diverse cultural arts that exist here in Greensboro. Various community leaders will speak during the event. Fingerprints from the community will be collected at all three events for the permanent installation in the Greensboro Cultural Center.



Join us for November's First Friday as we continue to encourage registered voters to vote! Learn about your right as a voter, who's on the ballot, and what's at stake. Stronger North Carolina will give a presentation on the history of voting rights as well as providing information about what is on the ballot this year. Free & Open to the Public!

Saturday Children’s Story

Hours: Saturdays at 11:00 a.m.

Join us every Saturday at 11am to hear Guilford County School teachers narrate stories highlighting influential figures that contributed to the rich history of African Americans as we celebrate Black History Month.
ICRCM Story Hour includes vocabulary development, reading comprehension, and a make-and-take art project engaging children aged six through twelve.
This is a free event and open to the public. Note: Story Hour is subject to change. Please call for updates (336) 271-9199.


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